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Rugby Active can cater for after school activities, providing rugby coaching to all levels of the game or just simply having a fun and active rugby experience. Schools interested in booking a session please contact us.

Our coaches are also able to conduct quality bespoke training sessions to rugby teams to develop them further, during school PE periods, evenings or weekends.

Our Clubs provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment for all children, where they will get active but most importantly have fun.

The programme is open to all ages and all abilities. So if the children have never played rugby before or if they are experienced at the game, we cater our coaching to all levels of ability - to ensure all children benefit at the appropriate level.

Our sessions help children improve their communication skills, build self-confidence, develop valuable social skills and be able to express themselves through rugby and sport. Rugby Union is one of England’s fastest growing team sports, bringing in new challenges and a need to promote the sports strengths.

All sessions are based and delivered on APES Principles:


All of our sessions are based on The RFU Rugby "Core Skills", which are; Running, Evasion, Handling, Kicking and Tackling. The RFU Rugby "principles of play" are; Communication, Go Forward, Support, Continuity, Pressure and Contest Possession. This is delivered in interactive skill zones, Game play, one to one coaching and also bringing in other activities to give children the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve!

We coach the safe tackle, scrummaging in step by step skill zones and in technical games, in order to protect children from injuries and maintain a safe environment.

Rugby Active promote the RFU Core Values:


We introduce all children to the RFU Core Values and embed these into delivery in all of our sessions. We discuss these values in a two way forum asking the children to engage and explain what they are and what they mean to them. During the active sessions our coaches highlight any short comings in the RFU Core Values, with an explanation, direction and feedback points for improvement. These Values are highly regarded and upheld in Rugby Union and are key transferable values on and off the pitch for all children, in all sports.

RUGBY ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - It’s a fantastic, healthy way to get out of the house. They love being active and of course it’s cool being with friends.

If your school is interested in booking our coaching sessions - please contact us

Our feedback from children and parents speaks for itself:

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